S1 Jobs

Posted by neale on September 21, 2017


Got a whole load of posts in the pipeline, been far to quiet on the blog, same tired old story of not having enough time to keep it up to date, good news is there is plenty material backed up to blast a few new posts out in the coming weeks. This is a great starter, delighted to once again have worked with Bright Signals and S1 Jobs om their Autumn 2017 campaign 'S1 Jobs gives you the horn'. I'll post some of the original shots and the finished articles to show how the images were used, there will also be a full web article further down the line once the campaign has run it's course. I was shooting the stills in between the video being shot which you can view here. Timings were really tight, and I was using my own strobe lighting  to shoot what the client needed, so the set ups between the video and stills was completely different.....thankfully there was a team of folk on board to help out, some effort all in.