KEF Blade Speakers

Posted by neale on May 16, 2017


Been thinking about this shot for a while now, finally chased it down. The iconic KEF Blade Speakers. Some decent lessons learned along the way on this one. First out the bag is exposure noise, especially when shooting such a low key image of a completely black and shiny object. I've done this before and gone back for a second bite, and deliberately over exposed the shot by a stop or so, which mitigates the exposure noise problem, but makes the visualisation a bit tougher, I didn't over expose this, which means I kind of made the same mistake twice, however I did know a way of controlling the noise a bit better this time round ergo it wasn't too much of a concern, that being said fact remains that it is definitely better to over expose by a stop.....every cloud. Despite one or two existing niggles with this shot, overall I'm pretty close to what I visualised, and to be honest on the day, I didn't think I'd get there, the space was really tight and my background paper not quite big enough. I'm happy enough with it for now to post it, who knows given another few months I might not be so happy, that's how it rolls, there's a lot to be said about always putting your best foot forward when showing your work, there's also something about being honest with where you're at and being self aware of that. The whole point of trying to put together new portfolio is pushing what you think you can do, making mistakes and figuring out how to move forward. I'd hover my hand dangerously close to a meat slicer for a pair of these incredible speakers, total pipe dream, on another note I saw and heard a new pair of Sonus Faber speakers courtesy of Loud and Clear who I have to thank for accommodating this shot, taken after a commission photographing their private demonstration room, more on that soon.........