Cover shoots

Posted by neale on September 17, 2015

HIS Cover_102.jpg

It's always great to get a cover shoot, I can't ever deny it gives you a boost. At this point I'm getting published at a rate I've never experienced, a position I feel incredibly lucky to be in, I've worked hard over the last ten years to get to this level, as Gillian Welsh at Peebles Media Group will testify, I'm never happy. Which is why I'm always trying to look ahead and find ways to improve and progress what I'm doing. This particular cover shoot was exhausting, Gillian was on board for the art directions and the pair of us were washed out completely once we'd taken the final shot. It doesn't stop there though, it takes me 30 minutes to pack all my lighting and camera equipment into the van, that's 11 portable studio lights, no meant feat getting that lot packed down in that time. Here's a shot of me close to the end, not just of the shoot either!


After getting all the equipment packed up it was a two hour plus trek home, not sure what I was running on, still buzzing from the shoot knowing it was a good one we bagged. And that's the point I'm getting to, none of this comes easy, but if your back into it the results should follow, which made it so much more worth it when this one ended up on the cover. You can see the full set of images here and the publication layout here in my published section, which I'll be updating with new work very soon. I also have a before and after shot showing the effects my lighting efforts have when I'm making these photographs which you can view here. Much more to follow soon, this month has been manic, more about that on the blog soon.