Behind the scenes

Posted by neale on January 15, 2015


As promised here's the first of the behind the scenes post getting a look at how I've lit some of the shots you can see in my portfolio. First up is the product photography shoot that the Best Scottish Weddings magazine commissioned me to shoot. This is the second year running I've shot this for them, I enjoy the departure from shooting interiors and architectural photography, and the different challenged posed on the lighting front. As you can see I kept it real simple with my key light over and above facing towards the camera so it's slightly back lighting the jewellery, it was the best way to define and bring out any textures in the products, you can get some funky reflections so you have to be careful with the positioning of that main key light.

I set up another flash on the right for some fill from the side to balance it out, and a final reflector bouncing some back to just fill the shadows from the key light a bit. For some of the shots I bounced a small speedlite into the reflector card to bring this effect up even more. Simple effective and consistent. We shot directly to the tablet which great for fine tuning every aspect of the shot.

The editor Beth Forsyth was on hand for the styling, Gillian Welsh helped out with the art direction on the first set of images taken the year before. Great to have a team who can take care of that side of things to free me up and deal with the lighting and camera side of the gig. You can view the whole set over here